“Kiitos for the fantastic tour into the secrets of Kaiku”

“Such a beautiful place and so friendly people. We are so thankful to taste and enjoy Finnish food, nature and peace”


”…We are so Grateful with you. Thank you very much for all. We are recommending Kultturipalvelu Kaiku, of course 🙂 Thanks, because of you we will remember allways Finland with love. 🙂 ”

“Thank you very much for visiting our place, “Metikkö” …. your visit has spawned very” color “in our everyday life even afterwards. We “found” the letter left by the forest elves Varpu and Naava from the bird’s nest in our log canopy while visiting  “Metikkö”, and wrote back to them. Varpu and Naava had written in their letter the tasks we performed i. So we had a GREAT luxury !! ” (forest elves, Virve and Jari, adventure with a group of children)

“I didn’t even know there was this kind of enchantment in the forest!”

“… The goal was to create something completely new from taste experiences to memorable experiences…. Virve and Jari Niiranen has a great ability to use all this in their implementations. They have an eye and an ear for observation, brainstorming, and a heart for their work. Courage and the pursuit of perfection, as well as risk-taking, are the cornerstones of their operations. ”

“… Guests enjoyed themselves. Thank you very much for the cordial reception and cozy atmosphere! ”

“It was a great celebration on the whole. It was a great insight to spend a celebration on the plain place, with no stairs, when so many had difficulties with their moving. Now they got their coffee for their seating places, and no longer had to move anywhere. The chairs for the recipients of the badges were also nicely noticed. I liked the whole program very much. The party spirit was already born of music in the lobby, and the beauty of the tables hardly went unnoticed by anyone. Many good ideas as a beautiful whole. Congratulations on a great job! ”

“On behalf of the bridal couple, we warmly thank you for the beautifully arranged occasion! We were very pleased! ”

“Thank you Virve and and Jari !!!! Nothing would have come without you, I feel great. ”

“After all, these competitions wouldn’t have been anything if you hadn’t been organizing … The next organizer has a crazy task to achieve even the same. Thank you and see you!”

“Thank you for this day, a great program number when you accompanied and sang with us and had some interesting stories. The atmosphere was relaxed and the food good. The group enjoyed themselves. ”