CreativeKaiku, Virve ja Jari

CreativeKaiku Ky (former Kulttuuripalvelu Kaiku Ky) was founded in the summer of 1999. We have always been interested in culture, nature, history and traditions and have worked for example in various cultural services in municipalities. Through our own company we have the opportunity to develop more different kinds of services. In resent years, we have for example produced children’s programmes for television, different kinds of events (such as old-geezer-carting competition) and services for municipalities and developed new nature services including mythology, stories and Finnish culture, traditions and history.

We love our job and also love to introduce our rich history, mythology and culture as well as the beautiful and calming nature to you and your friends!


CreativeKaiku is a family company, so it is the same as Virve and Jari Niiranen. In different occasions and happenings we of course have many partners to work with. We are united by the fact that we always do our job with passion, quality and with our whole hearts.


is a professional in cultural services, scriptwriter, co-ordinator, planner and worker. The artistic motor of the company, shall we say.


is rich in new ideas, a so called “MacGyver” of our company. He always finds a way to solve different kinds of problems.

You are very warmly welcome to experience the unforgettable nature and the stories with us!