Green Start and Sustainability

Green Start is a tool for developing responsible tourism for tourism companies. Our company has a Green Start certificate, which means that we have drawn up a practical action plan to promote environmental issues and responsibility together with the operating environment and customers. Green Start was created by Metsähallitus and Haaga-Perho together with tourism companies.

Responsibility in our operations is based on our values, such as respect for tradition, history, local culture and nature, and good and fair cooperation with our other partners. In our operations we, for example:

  • we use locally produced raw materials
  • we favour services and products produced with local labour
  • we take care of cultural heritage and respect local and Finnish cultural history and folklore, and we bring these issues to the fore in our excursions and events where possible
  • on our excursions, we tell about every man’s rights and also responsibilities, and we make sure that on excursions the rubbish is cleaned away and sorted in the right way
  • on our excursions we respect the nature and take into account, among other things, the nesting peace of animals; for example we mainly move “with human forces”; on foot or, for example, with rowing boats, with canoes or kick sleds
  • in customer service situations, we try to give as much information as possible about our area and the nature, cultural and hiking opportunities in the area
  • when purchasing products, we pay attention to the longevity, reusability and ecological nature of the products (camping equipment, etc.)
  • we sort and recycle our waste
  • we cherish local and Karelian food culture, highlight it in our programme services, for example, and keep food waste to a smallest possible level
  • we take care of the safety of our employees and customers and regularly update safety documents for programme services, for example
  • we are fair partners and we will do what has been promised and on the promised schedule