If ordered beforehand, we and our partners can offer different kinds of traditional meals and dinners all around the year.

For example a Meat Pot (Possupotti) is definitely worth to try. It includes well braised pork, potato, carrots, red onion, beetroot and turnips as well as lingonberry and pickled cucumber. The dessert is a pie which includes rye and blueberry with whipped cream. The price of a Meat Pot is 35 € / person (min 15 person)
Bookings and reservations at least one week before the scheduled event.
Also vegetarian and vegan dishes are available on request and if ordered beforehand.
Other dinners and meals starting from 20 € / person (min 15 person.) For example a soup ( mushrooms or fish, for example salmon) and bread and Karelian pies, (the meal containing water and juice, cucumber, cheese, coffee and tee and a sweet pastry as a dessert).  We can make the meal for your group depending on your wishes, so please, ask for more and an offer!

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