You can have and hear much more on a guided tour.

The Old Lady and the Old Geezer of Ruokolahti will guide you through the area around the Church Hill. You will here the stories about the old times, buildings and happenings, for example about the biggest airfight in the winter war 1940, or the artist Albert Edelfelt and his visit, the war legend Simo Häyhä, the local museum or the Church of Ruokolahti. The nature around the Church Hill is also worth to visit; there is for example some geological attractions like kettle holes. We can arrange also a so-called ghost tour during which we´ll tell maybe a little bit frightening stories about the buildings, cemeteries and other local sites and people who have lived here a long time ago.


        The guided tour on the Church Hill 75 € / group (guided tour with the Old Lady and the Old Geezer).

        Guided nature tour around The Church Hill 100 € / group.

        Ghost tour on Church Hill 150 € / group.

NOTICE: The guidance in these tour is in Finnish, the price doesn´t include the translation, we can arrange the translation for a separate fee.

Duration: 1½ – 2 hours.

The excursions start from Café Kaiku (Rasilantie 1, 56100 Ruokolahti). If ordered beforehand, we can also arrange transport from your accommodation, for a separate fee.

Group size: max 50 people

Notice: The participant must have suitably and weather-friendly clothing and shoes.

Before or after the excursion we can arrange a meal or a coffee break in Café Kaiku, if ordered beforehand.

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