Mythical forest, “peace of mind” under the million stars

The silence of the forest, the glow of the summer sun on a calm lake, the darkness of autumn and the moonlight or the winter days with bright snow and the million stars of the nightly sky, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded just by the nature. 

Let’s calm down in the beautiful forest environment, under the million stars or on a summery lakeside. We´ll tell you exciting stories about the old times and Finnish mythology; which kind of interesting inhabitants once lived in the forests, how did our forefathers manage with fairies, elves and other creatures, where did the gnomes keep their treasures etc. 


Trips can be organized with different themes at different times of the year; spring time and summer / angling and forest hikes, autumn / forest hikes, starry sky, fishing with tridents for example, winter /ice fishing and starry sky, kicksled trips.


We offer you the equipments for fishing; fishing rods, lures used in ice fishing etc. Notice: you must have your own clothing and shoes  according to weather.

These excursions are suitable for all ages.

The duration of the trip is 1½-3 hours, depending on the destination.

The excursions start from the place named by the customer, for example, from the accommodation.  If ordered beforehand, we can also arrange transport  from your accommodation, for a separate fee.

Example prices:

  1. Fishing trip to the lake (ice fishing in winter or angling in summer)

   –  min 2 people, max 10 people

   –  price from 75 € / person, 45 € / under 10 year old

   –  including fishing equipment and baits, as well as coffee / tea or hot juice and a small salty or sweet pastry

    –  Guiding in Finnish or English.

2. Under the million stars: under the starry sky in  winter or the twilight of the forest in summertime

   –  min 2 people, max 10 people

   –  price from 75 € / person, 45 €  under 10 year old

   –  includes guiding,  coffee / tea / hot drink by a campfire, and a small savory or sweet pastry

   –  Guiding in Finnish or English.

The participants must have they own, appropriate weather equipment.

Serving other than that described here is not included in the price of the sample packages. Other catering possible to be arranged if ordered beforehand. See the serving options or ask for an offer for, for example, picnic lunches.


Ask for more information or an offer!