The rowing trip with rowing champions

Would you like to try rowing with a group?  In the old times here, in South Karelia, people used to go to the church on Sundays with large rowing boats in which there were several rowers. Nowadays those kind of boats are being used mainly in some competitions.  The group called “Voiton Soutajat” has won several championships in competitions and it is our pleasure to offer you this experience with those champions! In all rowing trips there will be at least three rowers from the “Voiton Soutajat” -group.  With these champions you can have the most safe and fun experience of rowing.  At the same time you can enjoy the wonderful scenery of one of the biggest lakes in South Karelia, Kivijärvi.

The trip starts from the so called home port of “Voiton Soutajat”.  The place is called Kukaslahti and it is in Luumäki municipality, in southeastern Finland (about 40 km from Lappeenranta city).  The rowers of “Voiton Soutajat” will at first give a lesson in rowing.  The rowing trip takes an hour and after that we will offer you and your group a light and delicious lunch or have a coffee break by a campfire. 

Group size: min. 8, max 12 people (if you have a larger group, there is a possibility to have two trips)

Duration time: 3 hours

Available: from May to September, on Fridays and Saturdays only

Price: 70 € / person

Includes: teaching, the trip with champions, a coffee break or a light lunch by the campfire (including for example fish from the lake Kivijärvi, bread, salad. Ask for more alternatives).

Guiding in Finnish, English or in Italian

Notice: the participants must have they own clothing according to weather and also some kind of gloves.

Ask for more information or an offer!