INTO THE NATURE! Guided forest tours, on which experts teach us about biodiversity

Excursions to nature will explore Finnish biodiversity, flora and fauna. See a Finnish swamp in all it´s beauty, the typical landscapes, beautiful sceneries, odd places and, if we get lucky, we can also see some animals, like mooses, in the wilderness!  Especially in autumn (September, October) it is most likely to see for example elks. Ask for more details of these kinds of excursions.

The length of excursions may vary according to your wishes, as well as the degree of difficulty. Possibility to include specific themes and functionality (e.g. handicrafts from natural materials, food from nature and traditional games).

Available in the year seasons: spring and early summer / herbs, games and handicrafts, summer / games and handicrafts, autumn / berries, mushrooms, games and handicrafts.

Maximum group size: 10 persons,  can be arranged for a larger group depending on the destination. Suitable for all ages.  Notice: The participant must have suitably and weather-friendly clothing and shoes.

Duration: 1½ – 2 hours.

The excursions start from the place named by the customer, for example, from the accommodation .  If ordered beforehand, we can also arrange transport  from your accommodation, for a separate fee.

Including  small snacks made from the natural products (note: doesn´t include campfire dining, dinner or any larger  meal, doesn´t include transportation). Guidance in Finnish and English.  Campfire dining can be arranged on different request as well as the transportation.

Ask for more information or an offer!