Guided tours containing natural sites of culture and history

In South Karelia, you can also see history in nature sites too; nature excursions can be directed to the former borders of southeast Finland, to the stone barriers of Salpalinja (the Salpa line), the canals of Suvorov, etc.

For example, there has been several demarcations during the centuries in the area of  Ruokolahti and Rautjärvi municipalities.  You can see the marks from some demarcations in Haukkavuori, which is also a beautiful and valuable nature destination in South Karelia. 

Salpalinja, the Salpa line, has been made during the years of war 1940-1941 and 1944 to protect the eastern border of Finland.  It was about 1200 km long and was never used in the wartime.  It containes bunkers, saps and barriers and you can see the remains of it in several places in South Karelia.

In the area of Ruokolahti municipality, there is also three canals made by a Russian General and Count Aleksandr Vasiljevits Suvorov in the 18th century.  They all are a part of a larger fortification the Russians made from the Gulf on Finland to Savonlinna.

In addition to these three examples, there is many different attractions to visit to.  During the excursions you will hear the history and stories related to different destinations. Depending on the destination, there may not be much walking at all, so some of the excursions are suitable for all. The length of the trip depends on the destination.

Group size max 50 people .  The participant must have suitably and weather-friendly clothing and shoes.

Available in: spring, summer, autumn.

The duration time: 2-3 hours.

The excursions start from Café Kaiku (Rasilantie 1, 56100 Ruokolahti).  (Notice: the group must have an own bus OR we can arrange transportation upon separate request and price)

If ordered beforehand, we can also arrange transport  from your accommodation, for a separate fee.

Example price: Group size max 50 people. Length of excursion 1-2 hours (departure from the Ruokolahti church hill). Prices from 300 € / group (1-50 people) (minimum price 300 €). Price includes guidance in Finnish or English. Does not include catering or transportation. Transportation and catering can be arranged upon separate request and price.  The catering can include for example packed lunch, meals by a campfire or it can be arranged in Café Kaiku (full meal or a coffee break, for example).


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