Have fun and learn some traditional Finnish games in an inspiring environment! Open-air museum area is also a good place to study other Finnish traditions and heritage. There are several options to choice; for example you can make handicrafts from birchbark, try the work of an blacksmith etc. Or you can just play the games with us! The price depends on the activity and the material needed. 

If you order a meal or coffee and some pastries for your group, we can offer as an additional service for example the following programs:

  1. Various traditional and slightly newer games are played, ranging from horseshoe throwing, starting at € 50 / group depending on supplies (minimum price 50 € or 5 – 10 € / person, if more than 10 participants)

  2. Optionally, we can make various handicrafts:

  • we can try the work of an blacksmith, make felting or make little and simple handicrafts from birchbark, price starting from 100 € / group (minimum price  100 €, or 10 – 20 € / person, if more than 10 participants)
  • make traditional handicrafts of for example twigs, make foot bath salts, etc., price starting from 250 € – 500 € / group depending on supplies. (minimum price 250 €, or 25 – 50 € / person if more than 10 participants)


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