Traditional Christmas meals and songs

In our traditional cabin, in open-air museum area, you can really feel the Finnish Christmas atmosphere! Come with your friends or bring your group and enjoy for example a full Christmas meal with us. We will also sing, play and teach traditional Christmas songs to you. We´ll also tell you stories about the old times; how our forefathers used to spend the Christmas time in the past, what kinds of spells and believes they had etc. If ordered beforehand, it is possible that the Finnish Santa Claus comes to visit us too!

Available: 1.11.2019 – 21.12.2019

Group size: min. 15 –  max 45 persons

Price (including songs, stories and the selected meal):

  1. Meat Pot (Possupotti) 35 € / person.

The Meat Pot is definitely worth to try. It includes well braised pork, potato, carrots, red onion, beetroot and turnips as well as lingonberry and pickled cucumber. The dessert is a pie which includes rye and blueberry with whipped cream.

  1. Finnish Christmas dinner 48 € / person.

Includes: salad and sauce, beetroot salad, mushroom salad, herring, gravlax, smoked salmon, cold smoked salmon, ham and mustard, potatoes, traditional Finnish rutabaga and carrot casseroles, Karelian stew, beetroot casserole, juice and water, homemade beer, breads and butter, Karelian pies and egg butter, coffee / tea and pastries with plum jam.

  1. Coffee / tee with several salty and sweet Christmas pastries OR Christmas porridge (made of rice) with raisin soup 20 € / person. With the porridge you can also have bread, butter, water, juice and coffee and pastries with plum jam.

If you would like more information, different programs or, for example the Santa´s visit,  please contact us and ask for an offer!


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