MEALS BY THE CAMPFIRE, additional service for excursions

Within the excursions we can arrange dining from little snacks to several courses.  Check out the excursions from Nature Saimaa.  Here are a few examples of meals, please, ask for more possibilities and for example different kinds of packed lunch.

  1. Finnish sausages with mustard and other spices / side dishes, crêpes or pancakes made by campfire, coffee, tee, other drinks (for example juice), 15 € / person.
  2. Fish (for example salmon) made by campfire, salad with herbs from nature or potatoes made by campfire, bread, drinks, coffee or tee and a pie made from local berries or a pancake made by fire, 25 € / person.
  3. A full, Finnish gourmet, meal which includes 3-4 courses, 70 € / person.

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