Green Start and responsibility

Our company CreativeKaiku Ky,  is certified with Green Start, which means that we have developed a pragmatic plan to promote environmental issues and responsibility together with our business environment and our customers.

Responsibility in our activities and other actions is based on our values, which are:  respect for traditions, history, local culture and natureas well as a good and fair cooperation with our partners. In our operations, this responsibility shows for example in:

  • We use  local materials and favor services and products produced by local communities and companies
  • We take care of the cultural heritage and respect local and Finnish cultural history and folklore and tell about them in our excursions, in the Café Kaiku in Ruokolahti Open-Air Museum area and in our events
  • We explain the rights and responsibilities of every man on our nature excursions and make sure that the garbage is cleaned after excursions and sorted properly
  • During our excursions we respect nature, preserve it and animal nest peace; for example, we mostly use  ‘human power’ to hike or move in our excursions; on foot or, for example, with rowing boats, canoes or, for example, kicksleds
  • We introduce biodiversity in our nature excursions and nature events and tell about the special features of local nature
  • In customer service situations, we try to provide as much information as possible about our area and the natural, cultural and hiking opportunities in the area
  • When purchasing products, we pay attention to the longevity, durability and ecology of the products (camping gear, etc.)
  • At Kaiku Café we also sell products from local producers and entrepreneurs that are made with the principles of sustainable development
  • We sort and recycle our waste
  • We cherish the local and Karelian cuisine in our program services and keep food waste to a minimum
  • We take care of the safety of our employees and our customers, and regularly update eg. security documentation for program services
  • We are fair partners and do what is promised and on schedule