Do you want to experience the Sauna bath like our forefathers did? In our open-air museum area it is possible. We have here a traditional smoke sauna, which differs in some ways from the so called usual sauna we use mainly nowadays.

Because this kind of sauna takes about 6-8 hours to warm it up, it must be ordered at least three days beforehand. The experience is quite exotic; for example there is no possibility to wash yourself inside the sauna, so you must wash yourself outside on the yard, whether it is winter or summertime.

Group size: max 20 persons, in the sauna there is room for only 6-7 persons in the same time.

Price: smoke sauna 300 €

Duration: 2-3 hours (if you order a supper in addition to sauna, the duration can be 3-5 hours)

For other price we can bring a bathing tube to the yard. Also if ordered separately, we can make a really tastefull and traditional meal or supper for you and your group. Ask an offer of a bath tube and / or supper. You can also check out some examples from Café Kaiku.


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