Meals by the campfire

Have a small snack or a multi-course campfire meal. We will make a delicious meal to and with you!  We will also tell you stories about Finnish traditions and mythology. (Note: transportation is not included)

We can also arrange a nature excursion according to your wishes.  See excursion options under the Nature Saimaa main menu.

Or do you want to walk on forest trails with your own group only, without the local guide? In that case, how would it sound if you didn’t have to carry fins or dishes with you, though, but everything was delivered to you to a lean-to ready to wait for you? When you arrived at the break, the campfire would already have a warming, atmospheric fire and the snacks or meals you wanted will be there ready and just waiting for the serving?. Here, too, we offer the opportunity.

In addition to the following  examples and dishes, ask about other possible meals by the campfire.

Examples (all examples include delivery of snacks to the campfire, lighting a fire,  and, if necessary, cooking and serving food):

Min. 2 persons

  1. Break by campfire, 30 € / person:

           Alternative options:

            Finnish sausages with mustard and other spices / side dishes, crêpes or pancakes made by campfire, coffee, tea, soft drinks


            Our own meat- or vegetable pie with warm vegetable consommé, crêpes or pancakes made by campfire, coffee, tea, soft drinks

2. Smoked lunch, 50 € / person:

           Fish (for example salmon) made by campfire

           Salad with herbs from nature OR potatoes made by campfire

           Self-made bread

           Drinks: coffee, tea, soft drinks (for example juice)

           Desert: pie made from local berries OR a pancake made by fire

3. Real Finnish experience, 100 € / person:

           Full meal for 3-4 courses

           Ingredients from nature combined with local specialities

Ask for more information and make a reservation!




Tapio Tour

There’s something magical in the woods. When you listen carefully and let your imagination free, you can feel how the forest and it´s inhabitants welcome you as a friend. A dark forest can hide many secrets…

During the excursion we will tell you stories about the nature and our forefathers, about different beliefs, and learn about the old habits related to nature.   We will also tell stories about the mythical inhabitants, which once lived in our forests; gnomes, elves, fairies…

Avalaible: spring, summer, autumn. Also applicable in winter time!

Group size max 20 people. (Can also be implemented for a somewhat larger group).

Notice: The participant must have suitably and weather-friendly clothing and shoes.

The excursions start from the place named by the customer, for example, from the accommodation.  If ordered beforehand, we can also arrange transport  from your accommodation, for a separate fee.


Price starting from 800 € / group. The price includes a basic excursion with stories and a guided tour in Finnish / English and some surprises for the participants.

Possibility to order catering and additional program at different prices as an additional service. (for example a gourmet meal by the campfire).

Ask for more information or an offer!