The rowing trip with rowing champions

Would you like to try rowing with a group?  In the old times here, in South Karelia, people used to go to the church on Sundays with large rowing boats in which there were several rowers. Nowadays those kind of boats are being used mainly in some competitions.  The group called “Voiton Soutajat” has won several championships in competitions and it is our pleasure to offer you this experience with those champions! In all rowing trips there will be at least three rowers from the “Voiton Soutajat” -group.  With these champions you can have the most safe and fun experience of rowing.  At the same time you can enjoy the wonderful scenery of one of the biggest lakes in South Karelia, Kivijärvi.

The trip starts from the so called home port of “Voiton Soutajat”.  The place is called Kukaslahti and it is in Luumäki municipality, in southeastern Finland (about 40 km from Lappeenranta city).  The rowers of “Voiton Soutajat” will at first give a lesson in rowing.  The rowing trip takes an hour and after that we will offer you and your group a light and delicious lunch or have a coffee break by a campfire. 

Group size: min. 8, max 12 people (if you have a larger group, there is a possibility to have two trips)

Duration time: 3 hours

Available: from May to September, on Fridays and Saturdays only

Price: 70 € / person

Includes: teaching, the trip with champions, a coffee break or a light lunch by the campfire (including for example fish from the lake Kivijärvi, bread, salad. Ask for more alternatives).

Guiding in Finnish, English or in Italian

Notice: the participants must have they own clothing according to weather and also some kind of gloves.

Ask for more information or an offer!

Traditional angling / forest tour or “peace of mind” under the million stars

The silence of the forest, the glow of the summer sun on a calm lake, the darkness of autumn and the moonlight or the winter days with bright snow and the million stars of the nightly sky, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded just by the nature. 

Let’s calm down in the beautiful forest environment, under the million stars or on a summery lakeside. We´ll tell you exciting stories about the old times and Finnish mythology; which kind of interesting inhabitants once lived in the forests, how did our forefathers manage with fairies, elves and other creatures, where did the gnomes keep their treasures etc. 


Trips can be organized with different themes at different times of the year; spring time and summer / angling and forest hikes, autumn / forest hikes, starry sky, fishing with tridents for example, winter /ice fishing and starry sky, kicksled trips.


We offer you the equipments for fishing; fishing rods, lures used in ice fishing etc. Notice: you must have your own clothing and shoes  according to weather.

These excursions are suitable for all ages.

The duration of the trip is 1½-3 hours, depending on the destination.

The excursions start from the place named by the customer, for example, from the accommodation.  If ordered beforehand, we can also arrange transport  from your accommodation, for a separate fee.

Example prices:

  1. Fishing trip to the lake (ice fishing in winter or angling in summer)

   –  min 2 people, max 6 people

   –  price from 60 € / person, 30 € / under 10 year old

   –  including fishing equipment and baits, as well as coffee / tea or hot juice and a small salty or sweet pastry

    –  Guiding in Finnish or English.

2. Under the million stars: under the starry sky in  winter or the twilight of the forest in summertime

   –  min 2 people, max 10 people

   –  price from 60 € / person, 30 €  under 10 year old

   –  includes guiding,  coffee / tea / hot drink by a campfire, and a small savory or sweet pastry

   –  Guiding in Finnish or English.

The participants must have they own, appropriate weather equipment.

Serving other than that described here is not included in the price of the sample packages. Other catering possible to be arranged if ordered beforehand. See the serving options or ask for an offer for, for example, picnic lunches.


Ask for more information or an offer!

    INTO THE NATURE! Guided forest tours, on which experts teach us about biodiversity

    Excursions to nature will explore Finnish biodiversity, flora and fauna. See a Finnish swamp in all it´s beauty, the typical landscapes, beautiful sceneries, odd places and, if we get lucky, we can also see some animals, like mooses, in the wilderness!  Especially in autumn (September, October) it is most likely to see for example elks. Ask for more details of these kinds of excursions.

    The length of excursions may vary according to your wishes, as well as the degree of difficulty. Possibility to include specific themes and functionality (e.g. handicrafts from natural materials, food from nature and traditional games).

    Available in the year seasons: spring and early summer / herbs, games and handicrafts, summer / games and handicrafts, autumn / berries, mushrooms, games and handicrafts.

    Maximum group size: 10 persons,  can be arranged for a larger group depending on the destination. Suitable for all ages.  Notice: The participant must have suitably and weather-friendly clothing and shoes.

    Duration: 1½ – 2 hours.

    The excursions start from the place named by the customer, for example, from the accommodation .  If ordered beforehand, we can also arrange transport  from your accommodation, for a separate fee.

    Price from 600 € / group. Including  small snacks made from the natural products (note: doesn´t include campfire dining, dinner or any larger  meal, doesn´t include transportation). Guidance in Finnish and English. If the group size is 10 people or more, the price is 60,00 € / person. Campfire dining can be arranged on different request as well as the transportation.

    Ask for more information or an offer!


    Meals by the campfire

    Have a small snack or a multi-course campfire meal. We will make a delicious meal to and with you!  We will also tell you stories about Finnish traditions and mythology. (Note: transportation is not included)

    We can also arrange a nature excursion according to your wishes.  See excursion options under the Nature Saimaa main menu.

    Or do you want to walk on forest trails with your own group only, without the local guide? In that case, how would it sound if you didn’t have to carry fins or dishes with you, though, but everything was delivered to you to a lean-to ready to wait for you? When you arrived at the break, the campfire would already have a warming, atmospheric fire and the snacks or meals you wanted will be there ready and just waiting for the serving?. Here, too, we offer the opportunity.

    In addition to the following  examples and dishes, ask about other possible meals by the campfire.

    Examples (all examples include delivery of snacks to the campfire, lighting a fire,  and, if necessary, cooking and serving food):

    Min. 2 persons

    1. Break by campfire, 30 € / person:

               Alternative options:

                Finnish sausages with mustard and other spices / side dishes, crêpes or pancakes made by campfire, coffee, tea, soft drinks


                Our own meat- or vegetable pie with warm vegetable consommé, crêpes or pancakes made by campfire, coffee, tea, soft drinks

    2. Smoked lunch, 50 € / person:

               Fish (for example salmon) made by campfire

               Salad with herbs from nature OR potatoes made by campfire

               Self-made bread

               Drinks: coffee, tea, soft drinks (for example juice)

               Desert: pie made from local berries OR a pancake made by fire

    3. Real Finnish experience, 100 € / person:

               Full meal for 3-4 courses

               Ingredients from nature combined with local specialities

    Ask for more information and make a reservation!




    Tapio Tour

    There’s something magical in the woods. When you listen carefully and let your imagination free, you can feel how the forest and it´s inhabitants welcome you as a friend. A dark forest can hide many secrets…

    During the excursion we will tell you stories about the nature and our forefathers, about different beliefs, and learn about the old habits related to nature.   We will also tell stories about the mythical inhabitants, which once lived in our forests; gnomes, elves, fairies…

    Avalaible: spring, summer, autumn. Also applicable in winter time!

    Group size max 20 people. (Can also be implemented for a somewhat larger group).

    Notice: The participant must have suitably and weather-friendly clothing and shoes.

    The excursions start from the place named by the customer, for example, from the accommodation.  If ordered beforehand, we can also arrange transport  from your accommodation, for a separate fee.


    Price starting from 800 € / group. The price includes a basic excursion with stories and a guided tour in Finnish / English and some surprises for the participants.

    Possibility to order catering and additional program at different prices as an additional service. (for example a gourmet meal by the campfire).

    Ask for more information or an offer!

      Finnish evening

      Welcome to enjoy a traditional Finnish meal. In addition to dining, we tell stories from old times and customs as well as traditions, and we play and sing Finnish folk songs for you and with you.  The meal can be made and served according to your wishes. You can request an offer according to your wishes.  The Finnish evening takes place in our co-operating companies, for example in Rautjärvi (Hugon Huvilat) or in Lappeenranta (Marjola).

      Price: 350 €, including  the program,

      ask for an offer of the meal

      Available: all year round

      Duration: 1½ – 2 hours

      Group size: min 10 people, max 50 people

      Ask for more information or an offer!


      Guided tours containing natural sites of culture and history

      In South Karelia, you can also see history in nature sites too; nature excursions can be directed to the former borders of southeast Finland, to the stone barriers of Salpalinja (the Salpa line), the canals of Suvorov, etc.

      For example, there has been several demarcations during the centuries in the area of  Ruokolahti and Rautjärvi municipalities.  You can see the marks from some demarcations in Haukkavuori, which is also a beautiful and valuable nature destination in South Karelia. 

      Salpalinja, the Salpa line, has been made during the years of war 1940-1941 and 1944 to protect the eastern border of Finland.  It was about 1200 km long and was never used in the wartime.  It containes bunkers, saps and barriers and you can see the remains of it in several places in South Karelia.

      In the area of Ruokolahti municipality, there is also three canals made by a Russian General and Count Aleksandr Vasiljevits Suvorov in the 18th century.  They all are a part of a larger fortification the Russians made from the Gulf on Finland to Savonlinna.

      In addition to these three examples, there is many different attractions to visit to.  During the excursions you will hear the history and stories related to different destinations. Depending on the destination, there may not be much walking at all, so some of the excursions are suitable for all. The length of the trip depends on the destination.

      Group size max 50 people .  The participant must have suitably and weather-friendly clothing and shoes.

      Available in: spring, summer, autumn.

      The duration time: 2-3 hours (departure from the Ruokolahti church hill).

      The excursions start from the place the customer wants  (Notice: the group must have an own bus OR we can arrange transportation upon separate request and price)

      If ordered beforehand, we can also arrange transport  from your accommodation, for a separate fee.

      Prices from 350 € / group. Price includes guidance in Finnish or English. Does not include catering or transportation. Transportation and catering can be arranged upon separate request and price.  The catering can include for example packed lunch, meals by a campfire or it can be arranged in Café Kaiku (full meal or a coffee break, for example).


      Ask for more information or an offer!



      We will guide you to bake Karelian pies or other traditional pastries, in an atmospheric and inspiring environment of our co-operating companies, for example Hugon Huvilat in Rautjärvi, by a beautiful lake. You will also here and learn something about Finnish traditions. Finally, you can taste the pastries! ( group size max 20 persons).

      Duration: 1½-3 hours, depending on the paistries

      Price: starting from 500 € / group, the price depends on what paistries is being made, so it is always better to ask on offer!

      You can also book for example a full meal separately, if you want to have more to eat than the paistries baked together.

      Ask for more information or an offer!

        Participating the Finnish village happenings

        Do you want to get into the atmosphere of a traditional country market? Or have you been in Finnish dances or village events?

        We take our guests to get to know Finnish culture and Finnish people. With us you can become a part of an authentic Finnish atmosphere and can find the roots and the secret of happiness. The duration of the excursion depends on the distances and the event. The price depends on for example ticket prices, the required guidance and transportation (distance), possible catering etc. We always make an offer for this activity according to event information and time, so ask for an offer if you are interested in, for example, village happenings or markets etc.

        Suitable for all ages.


        Ask for more information or an offer!