Imatra (Koskenparras 3, Imatra, Finland)


The time has come to organize the Old Geezer Carting World Championships again after a break of almost ten years!

The competitionwas held in Imatra on Saturday 6th of July 2019.  The main rule in that competition is that all participants must have fun!  The carter, who’s only job is to sit in a milk cart, was a man, “geezer”, which can be on loan or your own. The pusher is a woman.

The event went great and we want to thank all the participants, workers and of course the fine audience!  From this link you can check out this years rules.
And the results of this year:
1. The Champions Of The Old Geezer Carting World Championships: Matilda Orpana ja Ville Kuusela, Lappeenranta

2. Heidi ja Mika Holsti (team Holkeri), Imatra
3. Elizaveta Zaharova ja Juho Poutanen (team Tyrät rytkyy), Lappeenranta ja Imatra

Hauskin pari / yleisön suosikki:
Elizaveta Zaharova ja Juho Poutanen (team Tyrät rytkyy)

Hauskin pari / tuomariston suosikki:
Natalia Konnova ja Evgeny Konnov (team Vivo Positivo), Saint-Petersburg


CreativeKaiku (former Kulttuuripalvelu Kaiku) organized Old Geezer Carting World Championships during the years 2007-2010.  The event was also internationally known at that time.  The competitors as well as the audience did have much fun and that is the main goal also this year!